Thursday, July 03, 2014

2013 July through September

Jack's first fish with his new fishing rod!!

Our sweet family in Kentucky!


Lots of cousins!

Sweet Sisters!

Happy Early Birthday, Jack!!!

Jack's favorite thing is a carwash!!!  So, we made him a carwash cake (ice cream cake from Dairy Queen) and a real carwash for their bikes to go through!  So cute!!!

One of Jack's chores is to water the flowers and plants!  Our planters and ferns have never looked so good! Thanks, Jack!!!

Fun swim time at the Gibsons' House!!

This is what life looks like everyday!  Love it!!!

Joann moved to Tennessee!!!  What??!!??!!  So fun!!

We took a trip to Birmingham for our anniversary to see Logan before he left for college!!  So fun to see him again!  The kids loved him and Joy became very attached to Will!!!  Ha!!  It was such a fun trip with hotel shops, swimming, Beeson, and even a visit to see Granny and PawPaw!!

And we even went by to see where LaLa and Alexandria live now!!
Way out in Chelsea where I used to teach!!!

Another trip to the zoo!!!

Back to school!!!!!!

Grammy and Poppy came to bring birthday dreess-ups for the kiddos! 
Even Daddy got into the fun!!!  :)

Joy put a stop to that foolishness!!!

Joy has been watching "The Promise" quite a bit--she reenacts her favorite scenes very often!  Here she is Jesus on the cross, and below she is Jesus healing the dead girl named Lucy.  

Jack's Birthday Ice Cream Cone!! Ha!

Our church had a backyard bash to celebrate our future church site!!
We invited the whole community so we could introduce ourselves!!

Another quick trip to Kentucky!

Trip to Mt. Juliet for Labor Day!

Matthew and his family
Aaron and his family
Daniel and his family
Andrew and his family
All the cousins

Our sweet Tennessee Family!!

Adam and his family
Sisters-in-law :)
Brothers!! :)